whether or not Your lips move

You speak to me

Isaiah May 11, 2007

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Isaiah has been my favorite book of the Bible ever since I first read it.  There was just something about the words on the pages that jumped out at me and stuck to my heart.  The themes of captivity, freedom, rebellion, and obedience are rich among Messianic prophecies, and the entire book points to Christ.  I think it’s been my own personal experience that drew me most to these themes– my successes and failures alike.  I’ve had the desire to write about Isaiah for about a year now, and all along the way I have felt a little presumptuous for even thinking about pursuing such a high and lofty task.  I mean seriously– I may have a religion degree but as of today I am not in seminary (that’ll hopefully change this fall!), and I’m sure there are others who could do (and have done) Isaiah more justice than I will.  But when God says jump, it’s always best– and the most fun– to jump.  So, thanks for jumping with me.  It is my earnest hope and prayer that you hear God speaking to your heart through His Word.