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here’s to you… July 28, 2009

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I’ve read so many horrible news headlines the past few days. Ones that have literally made my stomach turn. But it’s reality. I’ve been reading an awful lot of negative stuff about the church in general and also about young adults regarding church. Most of it is accurate, research-based, and well-deserved. We need to grapple with it and decide what we’re going to do to change things.

But I think we all need some positives. So, if you’d permit me, I’d like to grab this soapbox over here…

I have friends who routinely give up several months of their lives to live in other countries and help people by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.

I have friends who grow some of their own food in an effort to sustain themselves and live less materialistically.

I have friends who are adopting orphans and giving them loving homes they never even dreamed of.

I have friends who refuse to shop at certain stores because they want to support local businesses.

I have friends who are passionate about getting clean water to people in Africa and the Caribbean and give their time, talents, and money to help.

I have friends who are amazing parents to their children and are helping them love Jesus every day.

I have friends who view the church as people and refuse to buy into the idea that the church is useless or hopeless.

I have friends who are living life to the fullest even in the face of crippling illness.

I have friends who would rather spend a free evening with the elderly or the homeless than anything else in the world.

I have friends who are incredibly talented musically and could be living like rock stars but aren’t because they want to help others.

I have friends who are facing the most horrifying times of their lives but are choosing to hold on to Jesus for better or for worse.

I have friends who purposely live in the “bad” parts of town because they want to know the people who live there.

I have friends who spend their days helping teach kids who have been labeled unteachable.

I have friends who expend enormous amounts of energy working as nurses so that the rest of us can be healthy.

I have friends who are being treated for cancer and have an appreciation for life that we all can take note of.

I have friends who are caring for terminally ill family members but find the joy in spending each moment they can with them.

I have friends who have experienced the ultimate betrayal and yet choose to risk their hearts to love.

There are so many more positive things I could say about the people in my life.

Let’s brag on one another a little bit more and rag on one another a little bit less.